Steps To Finding The Right Orthodontist

In order to have properly aligned teeth, you need to properly align with your orthodontist. Finding the right orthodontist can be challenging when exploring all of the various treatment options, as well as how friendly the office is to children and if treatment is available to adults. Braces are a significant investment for yourself or your child, and the number of factors that go into the decision can be overwhelming. The effort will be worth it, as the right orthodontic professional will result in the best possible treatment for you or your child.

Here are a few core factors and questions to consider to help narrow down and identify the best orthodontist for you.

Word Of Mouth For Your Mouth

Ideally, your first choice for an orthodontist should come as a suggestion from your regular dentist. He or she will most likely have a colleague in their network to recommend. Be sure to ask your dentist about what the orthodontist will be addressing regarding your teeth. Your friends and family are another good resource for recommendations, especially if they have personally received treatment or if their children have done so. Other resources for suggestions can come from coworkers, teachers, neighbors, and even parent’s associations.

Getting To Know The Orthodontist

Before You Visit

Needless to say, it is important to become familiarized with who will be working with you, anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending on your treatment. Here are a few key factors you should research about your orthodontist before you meet him or her for the first time.

  • Orthodontist’s credentials: Where did he or she study? What is their level of experience, and how many years have they been in practice?
  • Team structure: How many orthodontists work at this location? Is the staff well-experienced and involved?
  • Treatment options: What treatments does the orthodontist offer? Do they seem to be using up-to-date technology and modern treatments, such as Invisalign?
  • Office location and hours: What is the distance and ease of access to the office from home, work, or school? What days and times am I or my child able to schedule visits?
  • Hard evidence: What do former patients say about the orthodontist in their online reviews? Are there any before and after pictures?

During The Visit

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a select few candidates, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Orthodontists will set aside time for you to visit the office, meet them in person, and discuss treatment options. As you take a look around, here are two key factors you should pay attention to during the visit:

  • How clean and child-friendly is the office?
  • Is the staff approachable and personable?

When you finally sit down with the orthodontist, it’s time to figure out what treatment he or she will recommend for you. Make sure you clarify the following details during the consultation.

  • What is the recommended treatment for my teeth? What exactly needs to be done during treatment?
  • What options are available? What is the estimated time I/my child will be undergoing treatment, and how frequent will the visits be?
  • If I do not undergo treatment now, what are potential consequences and options for the future?
  • When would be the best time for my child to receive treatment?
  • How much will treatment cost? What are the payment options?
  • Are there any additional costs or fees that can come up during treatment? Will there be any follow-up care, such as retainers, after braces are removed?

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