Forsus (Bite Fixer)

Used to treat overbite after leveling and aligning the teeth. A spring is connected to the braces and archwire to bring the lower jaw forward.


Bite fixing appliance used in children with severe overbites to stimulate lower jaw growth, in order to avoid jaw surgery.

M2M Herbst

Also used to treat severe overbite cases in children and adults.

T-Rex Fixed Expander

Expansion Appliance used to increase the width of the upper jaw and move the upper molars back into the proper bite.

Quad Helix

Used to expand the upper jaw and create space for permanent teeth.


Used to break thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits.

Tongue Crib

Used to break thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits.

Face Mask

Used to correct underbite by advancing the upper jaw and moving upper teeth forward.

Lower Lingual Holding Arch

Space maintainer used to hold room open for the erupting lower permanent teeth.

Fixed Retainer

Once orthodontic treatment is complete, wire can be bonded to the backside of the lower front teeth to hold them in place.

Hawley Retainer

Standard removable retainer used to hold teeth in place between the first and second phases of treatment.Trutain Retainers

Clear retainer that can be used at the end of treatment instead of a Hawley retainer to hold teeth in place. May also be used for bleaching teeth.

Damon Splint

Retention appliance used prevent relapse after treatment for severe overbites or underbites.