With traditional braces, orthodontists use ties, or “ligatures,” to hold the archwire in place. These ligatures create drag that hinders desired tooth movement, and they transfer an unnecessary amount of pressure to the teeth, often resulting in significant discomfort.

The Damon System creates broad beautiful smiles with less discomfort. It uses “self-ligating” braces that do not require ties and allow us to use lighter wires to gently move your teeth into place.

Damon Braces are more comfortable, work faster and require fewer office visits than traditional braces. This gentle approach also greatly reduces the need for extraction of permanent teeth.

Damon Clear

If you are looking for the proven results of the Damon System without metal braces, Damon Clear is your best option. These esthetically pleasing braces blend with the color of your teeth and are less noticeable than metal brackets.