Now Transforming Lives One Blog Post at a Time, Too

Our team at Carole S. Randolph, DDS, MS, is excited to announce the launch of our orthodontic blog. We love helping our patients and keeping them informed on what’s going on in the community, as well as updated on important information regarding braces and other orthodontic topics. We hope you’ll check back here often for important updates and some exclusive special offers.

A History of Caring

Dr. Randolph grew up in the San Fernando Valley and graduated from Reseda High School. In 1983, she completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from Northwestern University, and she went on to earn a post-doctorate degree in 1988. In addition to performing a general practice hospital residency, Dr. Randolph taught crown and bridge as a member of the faculty at Northwestern University School of Dentistry. She worked in various offices as an orthodontist until 1995, when she decided to open her own practice in Valencia.

In addition to helping people smile confidently, Dr. Randolph has an affinity for butterflies and believes their metamorphosis is similar to what her patients experience as they transform their smiles. This is why you’ll find butterfly images all over our office, website, and blog.

More Great Posts Are Coming

Visit our blog often to stay informed on important updates about our office, community, and special offers. In the meantime, you can come visit us at 28212 Kelly Johnson Parkway #100 in Valencia, CA. We have everything you need to prepare for your first visit, and we look forward to working with you toward a more confident smile.

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