April Is National Facial Protection Month

Spring is here and that means more people are outside participating in physical or sports-related activities due to the nicer weather. At Dr. Carole Randolph’s office, we want to make sure that all of our patients who are involved in any contact sports be mindful of their oral health. Whether you are wearing Invisalign or traditional metal braces, any hard impact may damage not only your appliance, but also, the inside of your mouth.

This month is National Facial Protection Month and we want to spread the awareness in the importance of using mouthguards when you play sports. We encourage all of our patients to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather while still being conscious of the necessary measures to avoid injuries.

The Benefits Of A Mouthguard

A mouthguard that properly fits the wearer can significantly reduce the severity of injuries received from contact sports such as soccer, wrestling, basketball, or lacrosse. Anybody who is involved in sports for school or outside teams will know that there are various hazards that players face when they are on field. Having a mouthguard in during play is a huge step to avoid any physical damage.

Dr. Randolph can determine the right structure and fit of your mouthguard to best protect you or your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw. We sell Shock Doctor mouthguards that are designed to not interfere with speaking or breathing, and are comfortable to wear. They come in various colors and are made of 100% medical grade silicon to mold to the structure of your teeth.

Contact Your Valencia, CA Orthodontist

Store bought mouthguards may be inexpensive, but do not offer the protection you need from contact related injuries. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Randolph to see how our orthodontic approved mouthguards can provide you with optimal protection. Don’t let your athlete run into the field without the proper care and protection for his or her teeth!

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